Character Sketch: Daio, the Bad Guy You Can’t Help but Love

Daio (pronounced “day-oh”) is one of the most fun characters for me to write scenes for. There’s just something about him that puts everyone he interacts with on edge. He knows it and he exploits it at every opportunity, even though he knows it’s wrong, and even though he knows his actions are working against him. Most of his life has been one big slow-motion train wreck that hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s wanted his life to unfold so differently than what it has, yet he’s felt powerless to change for two reasons. The main reason you’ll have to read my trilogy for. Not spoiling it here. The second reason is that he finds his chaos-inducing behavior addictive.

Taking all the scenes when he’s interacting with Aerigo as examples, Daio never tires of pressing Aerigos’s buttons. Aerigo knows Daio is going to do that but he can’t help but get sucked into Daio’s mind games. He’s so frustrated with the person Daio has become. Daio knows he’ll succeed in pissing Aerigo off, so he does just that, enjoying the only power over him he has, feeding Aerigo more reasons to hate him, even though that’s the last thing he wants. Daio would love more than all but one thing for life to be like old times but, long before page one of book one, he’s resigned himself to the truth that that will never be.

The following contains some information that never found a place in the trilogy. Enjoy the “bonus content.”

They have a history that spans roughly 3400 years, Daio being younger by only 50 years. He used to look up to Aerigo as an older brother, his moral compass. A thousand years into his life, he and Aerigo were forced apart. Thus began his downward spiral.

At first he hated the person he was forced to be, but he couldn’t help but wonder if this was who he really was, that all that time with Aerigo was just covering up his true nature. Before Aerigo had discovered Daio’s existence, Daio was quite the troublemaker. He was a bully and instigator, and he enjoyed both. Then Aerigo came along and more or less put an end to all but Daio’s enjoyment of that. It was just his nature.

So, after they parted ways, he reverted back to his original self. Still, his lifestyle left him feeling hollow, empty, lonely. It took him well over a thousand years to realize that.

He sought solace in instant gratification and lots of quick fixes–not the substance abuse kind, but rather pleasures of the flesh, and other not-so-honorable pastimes, including those in the magical spectrum (think grand delusions). Still, while trying to fill his void and fulfill his Master’s wishes, he still missed having his “big brother” as a friend and ally. He’s hated not being able to deny this, which only feeds his desire to push Aerigos’s buttons every time they cross paths.

The Name:

For the life of me I can’t recall how I picked his name. I apologize, this is one mystery that I’m taking to my grave against my wishes.


I wanted Daio to have sex-appeal, along with reflect that he’s an Aigis, and that he’s not pure bad guy. He’s in the tall end of average height, lean muscle build, and facial features that reflect both his extreme intelligence and dangerous nature. I don’t recall how I settled on his appearance, other than he had to have less muscle than Aerigo and be a bit shorter than him.


His personality centers on mischief and chaos that suffocate a kind heart underneath. He is in a constant internal conflict that he never allows to show on the outside. When I originally started building his personality, I wanted him to be Aerigo’s polar opposite in morality, someone that would send the tension through the roof in every scene he was in. He also had to have a history with Aerigo, one that would make readers (and me) wonder if things would hold onto some semblance of civil when they crossed paths, or if shit would hit the fan at the drop of a hat.



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5 Responses to Character Sketch: Daio, the Bad Guy You Can’t Help but Love

  1. Alexander Bednar says:

    if they ever made movies that were exactly as the book said, this should book should have a movie. I would definitely watch it.

  2. Jessie says:

    what did you use to draw this?
    It is really good.

  3. smwelles says:

    Yep. Thank you 🙂

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