Hello, World. I and My Writing Exist. (Last Day of Free eBook Promo)

After two days of free book promotion so far, 1,428 wonderful people have downloaded a free copy of my debut YA fantasy novel Shield of the Gods. I am a very happy Angie. The number is staggering and my #4 rank on amazon in fantasy is an honor. Yes, that’ll get wiped away once the 3.99 price tag returns but this is fantastic exposure.

The return of the price tag’ll be my cue to needlessly stress and fret while I wait and see if the promo begets book-selling momentum. I really, really want to make it into the top 100 in fantasy. Of course I want to get as close as I can to #1. Who wouldn’t? But one little step at a time while fear and hopefulness are my dominant emotions as of late.
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 8.26.21 AM

In case you missed it Monday, here is the synopsis and link to Shield of the Gods:

When gods are confronted by problems they can’t solve alone, they call upon mortals with supernatural abilities, called Aigis, to step in.

Seventeen-year-old Roxie Lohr has always wondered why her eyes glow different colors whenever she feels intense emotion. Aerigo, a captivating Aigis, not only gives her the answer but also whisks her away into a host of new problems. Suddenly, Roxie finds herself thrust into exotic worlds, an unexpected romance, and a conflict between gods in which only they can decide the outcome…



About Angela Macala-Guajardo

Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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10 Responses to Hello, World. I and My Writing Exist. (Last Day of Free eBook Promo)

  1. Paul Davis says:

    I look forward to reading it tomorrow 😉 I know the starving artist gig. Really happy for you that you hit #4! At the very least when the price goes back up people will have that smack dab in their face for a while. Keep up the good work!

    • smwelles says:

      Thank you. It’s very difficult to persuade readers to step away from authors they love and trust but I’m up to the daunting challenge, and I’m willing to help anyone else in the same boat as me.

  2. What is the regular download price?

  3. smwelles says:

    Haha. Well it’s a great feeling to finish writing a book. Keep that in mind on days you feel like you’re wavering.

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