This Series Title Needs Your Help!

I’d intended to continue the story one year but my test readership on Aigis 3 has made it abundantly clear that I leave a wee bit too much hanging to get away with calling the story thus far a trilogy. Well, I sort of can, but overall I feel like I need to pull a Christopher Paolini and convert into a series. I know I can have two more solid books follow, maybe three, but I’d have to write Aigis 4 before I can make that kind of call. I care about quality, not quantity.

Pulling off a good series is difficult to do; however, I believe I have a story and a group of character arcs that can support more than three books. You’ll see. My favorite series of all time is the Kate Daniels one by Ilona Andrews. Absolute blast to read. I liked the Legend of Drizzt for a a little while, but the sheer number of typos and consistently sloppy writing drove me away. Dragonlance is pretty good, and The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant is great as well. Donaldson’s tale is rich and full of creativity, but damn does it get depressing sometimes. I’ve started reading The Last Dark and I’m struggling to keep reading, sadly.

Anyway, if you would enjoy being a part of the writing process and help decide on a series title, please answer the following poll:

I’m not changing The Aigis Trilogy straight into The Aigis Series because people trip up on the word “Aigis.” They don’t know what it means, much less how to pronounce it. Titles that might make people feel dumb aren’t a good intro to my books. So, even though it’s fitting, it’s not exactly new reader friendly.

Anyway, here’s the cover art to Aigis 3. Yes, it’ll be fixed to reflect it being part of a series once I have a fitting name for it:



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3 Responses to This Series Title Needs Your Help!

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  2. amberskyef says:

    The cover art is gorgeous! I voted that you should keep trying, lol. You’re right, The Aigis Series just wouldn’t fit. But then I don’t know enough about your book to be able to choose the other ones, and even if I don’t, they don’t sit that strongly with me. It took me forever to come up with The Stars Trilogy for my books, until I realized that stars is an important motif throughout the trilogy. So I would choose a relevant motif and perhaps add that to the title–because there is always that ONE motif that exists throughout a series.

  3. says:

    I love the cover art for book 3, and am anxiously awaiting the books release!

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