Finding Solace in Your Online Gaming Friends


Ever wondered if you’re in the right place in life, or doing the right thing? I know I do now and then. I  have big dreams and goals, and there are days when such dreams leave you wondering if you’ll ever get there. It’s best to just bring yourself back to center, take a deep breath, and remind yourself to keep at it and keep taking it one day at a time.


Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Today an old friend of mine just happened to pick the right time to say hi, and it’s been years since the last time we spoke. His name is Mobeen, from Dubai, better known to me as Deviant, an alliance hunter from WoW (so almost typed “huntard” out of habit; nerd joke). We happened to friend each other during Facebook’s formative days but he quit WoW at some point and fell off the map, out of touch. We met around eight years ago, him a Night Elf hunter and me a gnome mage named Midgetofdoom.


Let me back a moment to say that MMOs have been an absolute gem of a location for making friends. Sure, it gets criticism for people converging in an elaborate game of pretend, but any game of pretend must be grounded in reality for it to sing. The game serves as an icebreaker that allows shy people like myself to be myself around others. So what if you see a gnome with green hair jumping up and down in front of you? There’s a real human being tapping that spacebar and making that pile of pixels hop in place.


I think what makes MMOs great is its capacity to make friends and build lasting friendships. Even if you never meet in person or don’t talk for years, it’s like hopping on a bike–sorry for the cliché–when it comes to striking up a conversation again. You and said gaming friend have common ground and your past experiences are built on fun times.


Anyway, as of late I’ve been learning how tough it is to take that 100 no’s per one yes, yet still giving my writing career my all. However, the incessant rejection and frustration takes its emotional toll and I haven’t been writing as much as I need to. Yeah, I’ve been learning the marketing side of things and reading a lot, but my book ideas have been stewing in my head and on a few scraps of paper without getting fleshed out in a rough draft. I have so many book ideas, yet I’m staring at a blank page in my notebook, or the blinking cursor on my screen, and I swear that cursor subliminally asks me “now?” every time it flashes onscreen.

No. No. No.


Just as I was about to escape from that cursor to a bit more online gaming, my phone pings me with an incoming Facebook message, and boy was I surprised when I saw the name: Mobeen. Deviant–Dev for short.


Turns out he was reminiscing his WoW days and thought about talking to me. Words flowed easily from both sides and the next hour whooshed by. He and I, along with a mutual friend named Chauncey (dunno his real life name) used to PvP together tons. Man, it was good times. Dev even came to the US for school and worked in NYC for a while, but now he’s back home in Dubia, loving life and aiming high.


To my pleasant surprise, our lives are similar, but he’s always had confidence that he admits has bordered on arrogance or the likes, but man was his life story thus far a rallying cry for me. He’s proud of what I’ve accomplished so far as a writer and author and encouraged me to keep at it.


The of his kind words couldn’t have been better. Seriously, it gave me goosebumps and made me want to cry tears of gratitude, and his passion and ambition were contagious. I just have to keep going, stay focused on my goals, and work hard as hell. And, of course, never stop being a gaming nerd 🙂



About Angela Macala-Guajardo

Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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