Chapter 20: Krymsen


Krymsen was born in North Carolina on a military base, and then she and her family moved to Phoenix, AZ and stayed there until she was four. From there they moved to Wells, NV, and then Reno. At age 19, she moved to Arkansas to live with a WoW friend who said she should move there, and she ended up loving the place. She became great friends with the guy, but life took a rough turn when her boyfriend of three years was killed in a car accident. Unable to remain in Arkansas, she drove back to Reno, pausing in Phoenix to visit family and meet another WoW friend named Simon, whom I’ll be introducing next.

She currently lives with her boyfriend named Noah and works for the local post office. Noah is a gamer as well but he’s huge on shooters and single player games. She tried to get him into WoW but he didn’t like it. However, they both play The Elder Scrolls Online.

Before WoW, she played only a bit of Diablo I. She was more active in school, did a lot of sports, and graduated at age 16. She didn’t enjoy high school, so she did what she could to get out fast. Krymsen (both her real and game name) got into WoW after she bought the Diablo II battle chest and saw a free trial. It looked like a game she’d be interested in, so she gave it a shot. She ended up finding solo leveling super fun, so she upgraded from trial to full subscription. Once she got hooked on WoW, sports fell by the wayside but she stayed fit with waiting tables.

She remembers jumping around in Dalaran, a city in the sky, bugging Reggie to come do dungeons. He asked if a friend could come, and she said sure. And bam, there I was, some really quiet person, and Krymsen assumed she was just being super loud or intimidating. She’s been told many a time that she intimidating, especially when she leads raids. She goes super authority mode, booting anyone who screws up too much. Her prerogative is to not waste anyone’s time and to get shit done.

She’s currently raiding on her rogue with the guild called Challenge Accepted, which is ranked 30th in the United States. She has nine toons total that are all heroic raid difficulty ready, but she prefers her rogue. She’s always been into the stealthy backstab play style. Sneaky is fun. She’s always been a hardcore raider, and having nine max-level toons classifies her as an altaholic as well. She’s a hardcore raider because she loves being at the top of competition and wants to be the best rogue ever, ranking in the top 20 in many national columns. She’s taken many a break from WoW over the past ten years, but she’s kept coming back not only for her friends, but also because of her strong competitive spirit.

Out of all the people Krymsen has met, myself, Simon, husband and wife Kim and Richard, and the aforementioned Josh are some of her best online friends. Even though I’m often quiet, I’m quite funny when I get going, Simon is a sweetheart, and Reggie has always been great to talk with, via in game or over the phone. She considers Josh a brother since not only did she help him through his divorce, he helped her through the sudden loss of her fiancée. Kim and Richard are awesome people whom she’ll finally be meeting face-to-face during the summer of 2014, and she considers Kim her best friend ever. She’s always easy to talk to and fun to be around.

Nabbing the bragging rights to a realm-first kill of Ragnaros, a giant lava monster with a really big mace, is her first amazing moment in WoW. In addition, there were some times she got drunk and tried to raid Ulduar with friends. She remembers having her character hump a dead boss, but blames the sudden and temporary necrophilia on her intoxicated state.

Gaming is a part of her life nowadays. She feels like many gamers are called lazy or antisocial, but gamers are just a bit different. Krymsen loves being a gamer and wouldn’t trade it for the world. She’ll play WoW ‘till the day she dies, or at least one MMO or another.


About Angela Macala-Guajardo

Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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