A Non-Traditional Wedding Week – Part 2

Shortly before we left for Kansas, Simon and I got my Prius serviced for it’s 100,000 mile maintenance, so goodbye $700 real easy. On the upside, I’m now getting an average 5mpg more and it’s running quieter. If we keep this up, we could easily get 300k miles out of the car. Here’s hoping!

While we waited for the service to complete, Avondale Toyota shuttled us to the nearest movie theater. We looked at the list of movies, decided we weren’t in the mood for anything but a nap (it’s a three-hour drive to Phoenix), and instead hit the local ice cream parlor to kill time and top off our stomachs.

The sugar rush might as well have never took place. Thankfully, a furniture store with beds was just a few stores down. The original plan was to just lie on a bed until we got kicked out, but we spotted a row of massage chairs and began testing them one by one, and by testing I mean sitting through 20-minute cycles on all seven chairs.

Not all massage chairs are created equally. Middle-ranged price chairs do just as well as the insanely priced, but the low-end live up to their low end price. One chair went so far as to try to break both bones in my calves, unlike its more expensive counterpart, which must’ve had a pressure sensor in it so it wouldn’t overdo squeezing.

90 minutes later, we were convinced we had to come back one day for one of those heavenly suckers. I have to be mindful of my back, since writing is my day job, and work does a number on Simon’s back to the point where I massage and crack his back every night. Once we were finally through with the chairs did an associate finally approach us. Dunno how we snuck under the radar so long, but we did. Anyway, we swiftly found ourselves trying out Tempur-Pedic beds, and oh man were they comfy. And then he had us laying down in the zero-g position, meaning our heads and feet were elevated a bit, and say goodbye to ever needing an arm pillow again.


Carlman, the associate, reeled us in for the sale by offering 0% APR until 2020, along with super low payments, two free pillows of pure awesome springy softness, and a free stain guard, and explaining that the bed should last well over 40 years. Sold. We labeled the purchase as a wedding present to ourselves and Carlman knocked 100 bucks off the final price tag. We got to enjoy a whopping one night of Tempur-Pedic bliss before heading to Kansas.


Simon and I got up bright and early to apply for our marriage license on Monday, driving to a quaint town in Marion county, and climbed creaky old stairs the looked straight out of Colonial history. We arrived five minutes before all the offices opened up, but the lady in charge of helping all marriage license applicants happily helped us a few minutes early. It was a simple process, and I got a laugh out of Simon accidentally spelling his middle name wrong.

Humor took a swift turn to seriousness when I got to the part where I had to fill out the name change part and finally had to decide. I’ve been partial to keeping my given name since it’d be nice and simple, but it felt like I’d be shortchanging the man whom had vowed to take care of me for the rest of our lives. Still, I didn’t want to entire give up my given surname. I’m partial to it and proud of my heritage, so hyphenate it was. It’s quite the mouthful, but I like it. 🙂

From the courthouse we drove to Wichita to rent out a “penguin suit” for Simon. Poor guy’s used to steel toe boots and wearing clothes until they fall apart. I’m slowly weeding out all his hole-plague attire but, since I hate clothes shopping as much as he does, it’s a veeeery slow process.

Our wedding was the second time ever, he’s forced himself to wear a tux, the first time being for his friend Brad’s wedding. Simon had the honors of being Best Man. Simon wore his half-serious, half-fake pout as I led him into Men’s Wearhouse. He wanted to wear a t-shirt and shorts next to me all decked out in a wedding dress and whatnot, but he reluctantly obliged to match my level of fanciness.

I was amazed by how handsome he looked in a tux. He looked like a real gentleman.


Now that the two most important pre-wedding preparations were complete, all we had to do was wait for Thursday to roll around. We drove across Wichita to the downtown Warren theater to get in a good meal and a show. I was eager to go through the whole Warren Theater experience after he described how we could get steaks, alcohol, and more at the press of a button, how the chairs were super comfy and provided ample leg room. Now that’s a movie dinner!

Unfortunately, that particular Warren didn’t open until around dinnertime, so we followed the GPS to the next nearest one, which happened to be maybe two blocks from where we’d started, near Men’s Wearhouse. We’d driven in a circle across Wichita. Whatever.

We’d timed it best for a showing of 22 Jump Street, a comedy film. I’d half watched, half listened to 21 Jump Street, so I felt prepared enough to dive into this film. I wasn’t in the mood for Transformers or watching a giant lizard destroy stuff, so comedy it was. We killed some time in the ice cream parlor inside the theater and I bought a Transform a Life bracelet to help support Make a Wish. It’s funny how, as soon as you start talking your own kids after a lifetime of assuming you’d never want any, that your attitude towards childcare changes.

22 Jump Street turned out to be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. I highly, highly recommend it!

On Tuesday we headed to Lebo to meet Jason and Rachel, more friends of Simon’s. They have two children, aged 17 months and 3 years old, and they’re quite the energetic pair. I got to see yet more parenting styles and one very calm, collected mother who told me about baby sign language, which is a great way to help children get around their speech barrier. Rachel’s father and brother stopped by at one point, and they spirited Simon away to go target shooting. I had half a mind to join them, but I stayed with Rachel and chatted with her about motherhood and such, along with observed toddler behavior.

I helped pick food from their garden, grill dinner, and watched their daughter create a green-bean-kabob fresh from the garden. She ate a few and forgot about the rest.

We ended up staying the night, sleeping in their trailer. I almost knocked myself out on the low ceiling over where you put your pillows, but we both slept well. The next morning, the boys took me out to some rolling farmland to try some guns. I wasn’t keen on the idea but at the same time Simon gets such joy out of hunting and target shooting, I figured it was only fair I give his hobby a chance. I also got to learn what tannerite was…


About Angela Macala-Guajardo

Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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