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Halloween Week = Distracted Students

It’s like, as soon as I mentioned they were consistently behaving better, everything fell apart. So… never breathe a word of a well-behaving middle school P.E. class. Okay. Got it. *holds both thumbs up* Okay, that’s not really the case … Continue reading

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We Keep Forgetting You’re New

Thus said my boss. It’s meant as a compliment (he said that, too). We keep coming across things no one has taken a moment to train me on because everyone keeps forgetting I’ve never done 99% of what a high … Continue reading

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Teaching isn’t Just About Helping Students Pass Classes

I appear to have passed the initial teacher test, the unspoken one given to me by my students: the “are you really going to stick around?” one. I know they will always test their limits with me, but at least … Continue reading

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13, 830

That’s how much debt my husband and I have paid off over the past year. Medical bills, car payments, and credit card payments–a huge pile of debt with a huge dent in it, and all on a meager income of … Continue reading

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Branding and the Brain—What We Post On-Line Matters

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
We’ve been talking about social media and building a platform the past couple of posts. I know this is a topic that makes most of us break out in hives, especially when you…

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