Halloween Week = Distracted Students

20151028_061036It’s like, as soon as I mentioned they were consistently behaving better, everything fell apart. So… never breathe a word of a well-behaving middle school P.E. class. Okay. Got it. *holds both thumbs up*

Okay, that’s not really the case but the coincidence is uncanny. What I really think happened was the seed planted in regards to the upcoming Halloween carnival. Each grade has to draw up and put together a booth for the carnival, so students are daydreaming of bags bugling with candy, dressing up in costumes, and having lots of fun. So of course preparing for that glorious evening is “funner” than schoolwork and P.E.

Yesterday was the first time I almost decided to have everyone sit and do nothing the duration of class, no phones or anything. I caught three of them trying to hide under the bleachers, the same three complained about class and how it was boring and they hated football, and then they moaned and griped about having to draw up their own play for the flag football unit quiz.

Holy hell. What did they put in the Kool Aid?

I finally finished Before You Can Discipline and darted around You Can Handle Them All (it’s not meant for reading cover to cover). From the sound of it, I’m dealing with some major confidence issues. I’ve been hearing “I can’t” a lot, and no matter how hard I try to show them they can, they just go, “See?” and half-ass a throw or kick to justify their stance.

I’ll eventually figure out how to help them break past their fear of failing. I’ve been keeping a chart of their throwing and kicking, and telling them every time and how much they’ve improved. It’s helped some but a few sabotage it by never trying their hardest.

On top of the carnival there’s been state testing this week. Again, someone needs to stop pouring crazy stuff in the Kool Aid. When I had to do state testing, it was just something you did. There was no “this is so not fair” or “this is stupid” type reactions.  No freaking out; just a collective groan before putting pencils to the endless rows of bubbles. I hated the tests but I sucked it up and did them. I also liked my have my bubbled-in answers form zigzags or patterns. I felt like I was choosing the wrong answers if there wasn’t an even balance of As, Bs, Cs, and Ds. Probably affected my test scores…

Times have changed so much but the sad thing is, I agree the state testing is stupid. I was listening to KTAR the other day and the radio person said 60% of students failed the state test last year. I tried the Algebra version containing 30 questions. I swear half of them didn’t have enough information to solve the problem. It was ridiculously difficult. Yes, Arizona is at the bottom of the list in money invested in education, but if I as the teacher, who had the quadratic formula drilled into my head by Mrs. Holmes, can’t pass a basic practice state test, that’s ridiculous.

Oh, and Arizona Department of Education just voted to get rid of common core.


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