Resisting the Urge to Take Half Your Students Home

20151125_073526It’s been an eventful week, some good things, some bad things. I’m learning how to be a better teacher as fast as I can, but some things definitely take courage I need to acquire.

Bad news first so we can end on a good note.

The worst of it is a middle and high schooler got in enough trouble over the weekend to miss a few days of school. Ugh. I’ve tried so hard to encourage the high schooler to show up regularly, guide him towards better decisions, and how to communicate to the school if he’s going to be absent but these bad habits are having a harder time of dying than a cockroach.

Now for the mixed news.

The good part is that my middle school coed basketball team is coming along very well. The kids are making huge progress every day–well, every day I can scrape together a practice. Sometimes they have to stay late to study for a test (but on this part we have two stories: the kids said they were forced to stay and the teacher said she made it optional), then they had to stay late to finish said test, then they had to stay to finish a movie, and then we find out several students are ineligible to play due to grades (not just banned from games but from practice as well).

The para pro assistant coaching with me has shared thoughts on the situation I’m not sure are wise to put in this blog. I have mixed feelings on her perspective, but the bottom line is she believes I need to stand up to the middle school teacher and point out that this team is still the P.E. class, too, and they kind of have to show up for class to get a grade.

It’s hard to know where the line is when I’m so inexperienced with this. I’m trying not to disrespect or undermine anyone. Gonna have a chat with my boss and that teacher after vacation to resolve it. My team still needs to get in better shape and learn how to play together.

The good news.

Passed my SEI class with flying colors, so now it’s time to suck up the NES 301 test so I can get my teaching intern certificate. Even with all my schooling, I’m afraid of failing the stupid test. The study guide and practice test were mind numbing. Identifying parts of a sentence, breaking down grammar, and dissecting stories for hidden meanings aren’t my fortes.

Well, if I want to get full certification, I have know things like “prepositional phrase.” *eyes glaze over*

The other good news is I’m slowly becoming a better authority figure. I’ve come to the realization that doing the right thing and exerting discipline is scary for me. I had to take away one of my student’s music privileges and my heart pounded through the whole thing, but said student just sat there and pouted.

I also keep thinking they’ll make the right decision but the reality is they have to learn what that is. I’ve been warned that I’m going to have to do the same lesson a billion times but good lord does this take fortitude. However, it’s my job as a teacher to plant the right seeds so, when they experience disappointment, I’ve created the possibility to have them finally believe that I and their parents just might be right about something.

All this has given me greater appreciation for what my parents have done for me.


About Angela Macala-Guajardo

Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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