Erm, hello again!

Yeah, it’s been a while

Okay, it’s been about seven months since my last post. I haven’t forgotten about my blog but, needless to say, I haven’t put forth the effort to keep it going.


It’s been a mix of hesitation and a need to veg on weekends after all that grading and lesson planning. I’ve hesitated to blog about anything because the last thing I need is to inadvertently violate any FERPA laws. I wish I could write all about the amazing joys of teaching, along with all the woes only a teacher knows but there’s so much I have to be careful about. It locked up my fingers as they hovered over my keyboard, thoughts trying to coax my fingertips to start dancing all over the keys. So yeah, I erred on the side of caution and vanished from the world.

Still, that’s no excuse as to why I couldn’t blog about anything else. I know and I apologize. Please pity a first-year teacher who has a habit of learning everything either backwards or the hard way. Oh, there’s been plenty of training, mentoring, meetings, feedback, professional development and whatnot, but there’s no amount of training, college education, or YouTube videos that can adequately prepare any new teacher for their first year on the job. You simply can’t learn until you do. And that requires taking a deep breath, plugging your nose, and leaping into the trial-by-fire. The best way to learn how to be a good teacher is to learn from your mistakes and honing the approach that works for you.

All that learning saps every last drop of energy out of you by week’s end. My weekends have been my recharge mode. By the time all my grading and lesson planning is done, I quite honestly don’t want to do anything else. I haven’t even been writing. Yep, all types of no bueno. Still, if you ever hear anyone complain about how many days off a teacher gets throughout the school year, please, on my behalf, punch them in any satisfyingly painful location of your choosing.

Every day, us teachers willingly get up and take care of your babies for 8 hours a day, 4 days a week. We take away their phones, have them spit out their gum, block them from Youtube, separate them from their friends in the classroom, make them pay attention, and teach them one useful thing after another that will help prepare them for the real world. We patiently put up with all their attempts to remain children, eagerly model what kind of behavior and attitude will set them up for success, and take a deep breath when all the best-laid plans go to waste. Your children are worth the headaches and sleepless nights and all the worrying. Yes, we worry about your children, too. We’re teachers because we care.

67-hilarious-teacher-memes-12You may be wondering why anyone would want to teach. I can’t say I’ve painted a glamorous picture of our chosen profession. Well, it’s not glamorous but I can’t stress enough that it’s worth it. Your children and all our futures are worth it.

I promise to go back to blogging once a week. Lots of exciting things are to come!


About Angela Macala-Guajardo

Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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One Response to Erm, hello again!

  1. Dwaina says:

    Yup, I know that pain well.

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