Please Scale All of Azeroth, Blizz


I’ve tried several times to quite World of Warcraft for good. My latest attempt lasted almost three years. THREE YEARS. A sweetheart of a friend of mine poured honeyed poison in my ears–I mean pitched a compelling description that sucked me right back into the game. I must agree that Legion is the best xpac yet.

Know would would make it better, Blizz? Do that level scaling thing with the REST OF AZEROTH. It would make Azeroth great again, far more relevant than a levelling hurdle.

I am an altaholic. I love experiencing games through every class. I try to settle on a favorite, which is usually healer but every now and then keeping those green bars full gets tiresome and I need a break. The break never lasts too long. My control freak kicks in and I must resume my rightful role as healer.

Anyway, I have to really hand it to Blizz when it comes to Legion’s game design. I cannot overstate how much I love how Broken Isles levels with you, meaning when you gain a level, so does the rest of the map. You can now choose where you want to start, instead of getting funnelled around the map to the end content. The entire map stays relevant, and of course new places open up once you reach max level.

I’ve experienced this in the Elder Scrolls games, most notably ESO. It preserved the open-world aspect the single player games have in the series (my favorite it still Skyrim). If you want to get sidetracked or explore, you’re not blocked by mobs 10-20 levels above you. You don’t have to worry about blinding running into your death; just falling off cliffs if you’re as klutzy as me.

If I hadn’t rolled Demon Hunter as my first Legion class, I would have blindly jumped to my dead dozens of times… That was cured once I unlocked flying, which was fun to work for. Blizz finally made you work for something worthwhile again. Thank you!

I started levelling a shaman this past weekend because my brain was so fried from writing and thinking at work that I needed extra veg time during my off days. Since I have heirlooms, I can zoom through levels, so fast that I can barely enter a zone before I need to move on to the next level-appropriate one. This player on the forums articulated exactly what I had in mind:

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 19.01.38.png

The only thing I’d add to that is every continent gets a 110 boost once you hit 110, thus opening up all of Azeroth to endless possibilities. Even though there’s a ton of WoW lore, I’m sure it’d be nice to not have to revise the world map so much every expansion.

I bet there’s a ton of lore, content, and untapped potential Blizz had to scrap over the years. Let no good idea go to waste!

I’d love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on scaling all of Azeroth? Do you want old content to be fully relevant again, or are the time traveling instances sufficient?


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