The Must-Have Add-on for Pokemon GO


My husband surprised me with news I never expected to hear: there’s an add-on for Pokémon GO. To my even great surprise it’s actually awesome. I am totally recommending Poke Genie to all you fellow players out there.

IVs. Just about every trainer knows of them, if not what they are and what they’re for. IV stands for “individual value,” meaning this set of numbers represents the overall quality of the Pokémon. The higher the better.

It’s been a wild guessing game as to which Pokémon to keep and power up, even with the help of the person who appraises them. It was too vague and, in my humble opinion, mildly misleading.

I am pleased to inform you that ambiguity is gone. Check out these screenshots:

Screenshot_2017-08-03-07-56-32           Screenshot_2017-08-03-07-58-01.png








Enter a caption



Combat power (CP) isn’t a reflection of a Pokémon’s IV. One Moltres with a higher CP could be far weaker than a lower CP Moltres if the higher CP one’s IVs suck. Now it’s possible for all of us to pick and choose our Pokémon wisely and power up the best ones. We all know how agonizingly slow it is to accrue stardust already.

Go Team Valor!

So what do you think of the app? How’s it helping you? Are you interested in playing at that level of detail or are you happy with picking your personal favorites and sticking with those?


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