Mac vs. PC: And the Winner Is…


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Dear Apple,

I have been loyal to the brand since around 2006 (I’m only 32), when one of my undergrad professors talked me into making the switch. I fell in love with everything Apple, from the OS to no longer having to deal with that stupid, useless paper clip in Microsoft Word. Apple products work the way I think. I became an advocate for and defender of the brand.

Since then, I’ve bought two desktops, two laptops, and two iPhones. I’ve also bought two replacement laptop chargers, one of them because I learned the hard way that puppies will chew anything, and two extra keyboards.

I’m also a gaming nerd. There’s that never-ending debate on Mac vs. PC that we’re passionate about. Mostly it’s in good fun. Some of it boils down to the honest truth. The lack of Mac compatible games has made my stance a tough sell but that’s no big deal to me.

Earlier this year it became apparent that my iMac graphics card is on its way out. I called in to see about replacing or upgrading it. Beyond parting with my technological baby for at least a month to refurbish it, my only other option was buy a brand new desktop. What a waste when all the other components work just fine.

On 5 August 2017 I went about replacing the battery for my MacBook Pro. My husband and I moved halfway across Arizona during that horrible heatwave in June. Even though my laptop sat in the back seat in its laptop bag, the heat was so intense that it killed the battery. It killed my car battery, too, the week before, but it’s all good. It’s Arizona. Life happens.

I thought replacing the battery was going to be as simple as ordering online, pop out the old one, and pop in the new and go on with my day. To my surprise and disappointment, I discovered I had to go into an Apple Store and have a tech perform the exchange.

Okay. Not too big a deal. Sure it’s a two-hour drive to Tucson from Safford but I could turn that into a fun day trip.

Since my husband had to work, my Mom and I enjoyed the trip—to an extent. There were no open appointments but they did work us in. We had to wait an hour. The store was packed. Staff did a wonderful job of welcoming and accommodating us. I have no complaints there. They were able to replace the battery that same day. It just took just shy of another 90 minutes of waiting.

This was incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. Maybe it’s no big deal if you live close to multiple Apple Stores, but out here in Arizona it’s a day-long commitment for something that should be as simple as an online purchase. And not being able to replace individual hardware components is ridiculous. That’s akin to buying a new car because the brakes wore out.

I want to remain loyal to the brand. I loathe and detest the Windows OS and use Photoshop and InDesign regularly at work, two programs Apple excels with. After the experiences with both of my computers, I don’t think I can do that anymore.

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My husband has already lined me up to build my own PC through This year has not been the satisfying user experience with the products I’ve enjoyed over the years. Unless something changes for the better, this is where we part ways. I already switched to an Android phone back in 2014.




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Author, teacher, soon-to-be full time writer for two companies. Also a lover life in the Arizona desert, puppy butt wiggles, and kitties purring away on my shoulder.
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