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Mac vs. PC: And the Winner Is…

(image courtesy of Dear Apple, I have been loyal to the brand since around 2006 (I’m only 32), when one of my undergrad professors talked me into making the switch. I fell in love with everything Apple, from the … Continue reading

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The Must-Have Add-on for Pokemon GO

My husband surprised me with news I never expected to hear: there’s an add-on for Pokémon GO. To my even great surprise it’s actually awesome. I am totally recommending Poke Genie to all you fellow players out there.

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Please Scale All of Azeroth, Blizz

I’ve tried several times to quite World of Warcraft for good. My latest attempt lasted almost three years. THREE YEARS. A sweetheart of a friend of mine poured honeyed poison in my ears–I mean pitched a compelling description that sucked … Continue reading

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Sucked Back into Pokemon GO

When I’d envisioned my weekend, it involved getting in a bunch of writing, like four chapters worth. Instead, I ran into a personal health speed bump that sucked hours out of my Saturday, along with enough emotional energy to reduce … Continue reading

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Return of the Angie

(Image courtesy of Yes, Angie has returned to the blogging world. I’ve had to do some soul-searching and figure out what the heck to do with this blog. I’m a writer and author. It’s how I’m trying to brand … Continue reading

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Kristin Lamb Nails the Truth

Image via Flickr Creative Commons sourtesy of German Poo-CamanoA lot has changed in the digital age of publishing and, with gatekeepers no longer in sole control over who is published, we’ve seen a rise of the virtual Wild West. Lots … Continue reading

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Hopefully This Is My Last Career Change

Source: Hopefully This Is My Last Career Change

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