Nerd Chronicles Glossary

/roll: Secondary definition of “roll”: just like rolling a die, you type in /roll and the game picks a random number from 1-100. Whenever you want something real bad, the game seems to know and gives you the worst rolls, but if it’s something you only kind of want, you almost always roll 90+.

Achievements/Achievement Points: Achievements and achievement points were introduced in Wrath, thus encouraging/suckering players like myself into completing every last bit of content in the game.

ADC: attack damage carry, the role who focuses on physical damage to wreck opponents.

Adds: additional monsters that join a fight.

Addon: a program made outside the video game company that players can download and add to the game.

Aggro: you have attracted the attention of something, or your attention is being drawn to someone or something.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Alliance: World of Warcraft faction consisting of Humans, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Night Elves, Draenei, and Worgen

Alt: secondary/alternate character from main character

Asterisk Text: Gamers places asterisks around an action as a short form of description. It’s easier to write than “I’m repeatedly banging my forehead on my desk,” which sounds rather awkward to read.

BC: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion

Blink: A spell that teleports a Mage 20 yards in the direction they’re facing.

Boss: a monster that requires a team effort to kill

Bots: short for “robot.”

Carry: Gamer lingo for “pick up the slack.”

Caster: One who casts spells to kill things.

Cata: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion

CC: Crowd control; special abilities that remove a mob from a fight for a period of time. Players use cc so they can handle a manageable number of mobs at a time.

Chat Channel: In MMOs there are chat channels allocated to specific zones or groups of people, including guilds, parties, and raids.

Chillax: a blending of the words “chill out” and “relax.”

Co-op vs. AI: match consisting of human players versus AI.

Crafting: MMOs allow players to craft their own weapons and equipment that helps make them more powerful, along with fun items like motorcycles, flying machines, and clothing that’s purely aesthetic. In order to create such items, a player must invest time and effort into gathering the necessary materials.

DBM: Deadly Boss Mods, a crucial addon for raiders that alerts players to things that are about to try to kill them.

Down a boss: “down” is a gamer term for “kill.”

DPS: Damage Per Second

Drop: Monsters “drop” loot upon death for players to scoop up and put to use. This aspect demands a loose grip on reality since in reality the armor and weapons would probably be broken, bloody, and sweaty.

Druid: Druids shape shift into a tree, panther, bear, moonkin (a bearish owl with antlers), elk, and some sort of sea lion.

Dungeon Crawler: Type of RPG where you navigate maze-like places and kill wave after wave of monsters, and collect lots of gear and money along the way. Don’t ask why these monster are carrying so much money, weapons, and armor on their… hide. Just take the loot and keep going.

Emoticon: Emotion icon; used when words don’t do your emotions justice. Example: “o.o” An emoticon of surprise.

Epic fail: terrible/horrible

Fest: “Fest” appearing at the end of a word translates to “a lot of.” Lagfest = a lot of lag.

FPS: First Person Shooter

Gear (and color coding): Gear is color-coded in the level of quality. Grey: junk. White: common. Green: uncommon: Blue: rare. Purple: epic. Orange: legendary.

Gear out: adequately equipped with armor and such.

General Chat: General chat is zone specific.

GM: Guild master; alternately called guild leader.

Grammar Nazi: Someone who corrects everyone’s spelling and grammar whether others like it or not.

Grind: Gamer lingo for “bang out” in work production terms.

Healer: Player who keeps everyone healed up and alive.

Horde: The faction opposing the Alliance, consisting of Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Blood Elves, and Tauren.

Jungle/jungler: Player who navigates the spaces between lanes, killing neutral monsters for gold and experience, and is in charge of coordinating surprise attacks.

Lag: poor internet connection or bad graphics card causes the game to slow down or freeze for periods of time.

Lane;Top/Mid/Bot: one of three paths in 5v5 in LoL.

LARP: Live Action Role Play. You dress up and take a break from reality for a pleasant while.

LoL: League of Legends

Loot: items procured from the corpse of a monster.

Loot whore: Person who wants every last bit of gear that drops and doesn’t want to share.

Macro: an action that execute either one or multiple commands at once, but simplifies it into one button press for players.

Main: Toon that is considered the main one that you play. People switch out of boredom, a distaste for the changes Blizz makes to a class, because the guild needs a certain role filled, or other reasons.

Maxed-out: professions can be leveled like classes by making profession-specific items over and over, until you’re considered a master of the profession. The most coveted items are available only at the maxium level.

MMO: Massive Multiplayer Online

MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Mob: Gamer lingo for monster.

MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

MUD: Multi-user dungeon, a multiplayer, real-time virtual world

Multi-boxing: Playing multiple characters at once; requires either partitioning your computer screens or several monitors, and a certain determination to play an MMO alone.

Nerf: Getting their damage, healing, or survivability stats reduced.

Noob: The word “noob” used to be “newb”, which used to be “newbie.” Not only do gamers shorten words, they purposely alter the spelling.

NPC: Non-Playable Character

Officer: Second-in-commands to GM of a guild.

Pentakill: When one player delivers the killing blow to all five enemy players.

Pet whore: Just like in real life, you can be a pet hoarder, but in WoW you don’t have to feed, water, clean, groom, or anything; just summon them to your side with a click of a button and they’ll follow you to the ends of Azeroth.

Phat: alternate spelling of “fat”, which is (not originally gamer) lingo for “awesome/cool.”

Pop: transform; switch to

Pre-potting: Having an ample supply of potions before stepping into a raid.

PvE: Player versus Environment

PvP: Player versus Player

Raid: Raids have several levels of difficulty, Heroic being the most difficult.

Release: in order to recover from death, you either have an ally resurrect you, or you release your ghost from your body to the nearest graveyard and run back to your body. Don’t ask how your body is suddenly hale and whole after all that. It’s a video game.

Rofl: “rolling on the floor laughing.”

Roll: Gamer lingo for “choose/pick.”

RPG: Role Playing Game

Sap: A Rogue ability that stuns a target for a period of time, rendering the target unable to act until either Sap wears off or they get attacked.

Screenshot: You can take a picture of your computer screen with the press of a button and it turns into a shareable photo.

Server: kind of like a room in a mansion. There are many “rooms” but only so many people can fit in each “room.”

Skype: a program that allows verbal chatting through one’s computer with the aid of speakers/headset and a mic.

Spam: repeatedly doing something in rapid succession.

Spec/specialization: Players can choose one of three specializations: tank, healing, or DPS (damage per second). Tanks are the damage absorbers, healers keep everyone alive, and DPSers kill stuff.

Steam: Online platform that connects players so they can play together wherever they are.

Support: Support role focuses on supporting other players, either with heals or well-timed cc, along with keeping an eye out for ambushes.

Tank: Player who specializes survivability and is the meat shield of the raid. If this person dies, chances are everyone dies shortly after.

Tanky: Gamer lingo for “sturdy”

Toon: Gamer lingo for “character.”

Trade Chat: Channel where people advertise items for sale or available for trade; often misused by trolls.

Troll: person who posts a deliberately provocative message with the aim of inciting an angry response.

TS: TeamSpeak, a program that allows verbal chatting through one’s computer with the aid of speakers/headset and a mic.

Vent: Ventrilo, a program that allows verbal chatting through one’s computer with the aid of speakers/headset and a mic.

Warhammer: a tabletop strategy game involving dice, measuring tape, and miniature models that players assemble and paint themselves.

Whisper: A message where only the receiver sees the text; a private, one-on-one conversation.

Wipe: Gamer lingo for everyone in the party dying.

Wrath: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion

WoW: World of Warcraft

Zone: Think of the map of America and instead of calling each state a state, they’d be called zones.

90s: The max level in the game as of February 2014 is 90. It’s easier to say “90’s” instead of max-level toons.


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