Is Being a “Good” Girl Hurting Your Career? Why “Bad” Girls Become Best-Sellers

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Today is a repost because of a death in the family last week. But you know what? Life moves on.  I chose this post because we all need a good kick in the ass now and again, even ME.

It was a FUN post and a good way to get my moxie back….because seriously my moxie got kicked in the face last week. I am sure NONE of you have been there. Feeling like a failure, like nothing you do matters?

Well, get over it. We are going to have a hell raising Monday!

Last fall I read Kate White’s I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know. There are bad books, okay books, good books and great books. But there is another kind of book and it’s the rarest.

The game-changer.

White has a witty, sassy style. She is seamlessly intelligent and down-to-earth in…

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Damaged but Repairing


I have officially survived and succeeded at my first year as a secondary education teacher. I learned a lot, and I mean a LOT. Next year will be far better, wherever life chooses to put me.

I’ve learned a fair bit about the education system, how it works (and sometimes doesn’t), how classroom management is of paramount importance, the value of being genuine when it comes to caring about students, and that teaching is for me. To be honest, I may adopt one day. Skip the diapers and terrible twos and crap. Heck, I still want to adopt so many of my now former students. So many of them deserve better lives than what they have. Continue reading

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Tough But Necessary Lessons

20160323_163549(0)I have to be extra careful to maintain professionalism as of late. I took one heck of an emotional blow but I’m recovering. I’m past the stage of craving doing anything stupid to burn bridges. I’m back to treating others as I wish to be treated, to being the better person even when it makes me grind my teeth.

My students have shown me all sorts of ways that they care about me and their unhappiness with my not returning next year. Continue reading

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20160324_061844It’s not one of my happier days but it’ll pass. I’ll feel much better in the morning. I left school early feeling crushed.

I’m not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination but I try my hardest to be a good person. I’m happy-go-lucky at the core. I’m inclined to be trusting towards people and see the good. This gets me burned now and then but I can’t help it. I have to look for the good in the world.  Continue reading

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As Said in Frozen: “Let it go”


It’s been a busy month. On top of that, I was the sickest I’ve been in years, so I apologize for the huge delay between posts.

Teaching is getting better. I’ve finally started properly enforcing the rules. Took me five stinkin’ months, but oh well. It’s a nice feeling knowing kids believe me when I say I will dish out punishment if they don’t stop slacking off. It’s still scary to lay down the law, but the classroom is far less chaotic when the students know there’s a limit to what they can get away with. Continue reading

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Take THAT You Stinkin’ Educator Exam!

Okay, If I understand correctly, I think I took the final test I need to become highly qualified. I just passed my NT301 for English. According to the Arizona Department of Education, that’s all I was missing for my Teaching Intern Certificate, and once I have that cert, it looks like I can apply for my High Qualified Teacher Attestation. So, a few bucks, forms, and weeks later, the whole state of Arizona will open up to me. Too cool! Continue reading

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Back from Vacation

20160113_172408I worked four separate days over vacation, laying out syllabi and creating a game plan to do a better job this semester. I even rearranged the classroom so I could see every last student from my desk, even though I spend most of my time hopping from one student to the next, helping with classes. And then I had this brilliant idea I’d put in some more hours during the off days, since I ran out of time. Continue reading

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